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Is Your Debt Recoverable?

Recovering debts can often be one of the most difficult parts of running a business, and sometimes it can be make-or-break. A number of questions abound – how long before the debt is written off? How long can a debt be chased ? The debt collection process normally comes attached with a huge amount of heartache and frustration.
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How do debt collectors recover debts that you can’t?

We take a close look at the professional debt collection process. 

Getting paid for your products and services can make or break a business, and few things are more frustrating than having your cashflow disrupted by late-paying clients and their bad debts.

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What’s the Personal Property Securities Register?

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) isn’t just another government service. A PPSR search is your way to protect your business and its bottom line from nasty surprises, as well as mitigate risk of a debt gone bad.

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What to expect when hiring a debt collection agency

Keeping an open stream of income is important for any business. Salaries need to be paid, lights need to stay on, and food has to go on the table. And when it comes to reporting to your superiors — a number that puts your department in the black is always more desirable.

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A Salespersons Guide to Sending the Right Content To Your Prospective Customers

One of the best ways a salesperson can engage a prospect between conversations and move him or her through the sales process involves absolutely no talking.

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How To Use Pinterest for Small Business

Keeping up with the latest developments in marketing for your small business means staying up-to-date on the world of social media. Aside from the challenge of simply staying informed about new platforms and changes to existing platforms, figuring out how to maneuverer within the sometimes overwhelming sea of actual socializing to make your company’s presence felt – and not ignored or resented – presents a serious challenge to small business owners and marketing professionals.

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Five Steps to Prevent Bad Debts

As a small business, bad debt can be a financially painful and even disastrous experience, especially if cash flow is tight. When it comes to bad debts, prevention is always better than the cure, particularly when it comes to the impact on customer relations. As a small business owner, there are a number of steps you can take to prevent late and non-payment from happening in the first place.

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5 Tips for using Twitter as a Small Business

Many small business owners don’t see how Twitter can help them market their business. But many major retailers have already gotten the hang of the Internet’s fastest-growing and most talked-about social media site and are using it to their advantage.

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Getting paid is a battle won or lost before it begins

The minute you spend a dollar of your own money providing your customers with goods or services, you are effectively investing your own money in their business.  A good investment is one that both makes you money and preserves your capital.  When you invest money in shares or property, you take precautions to make sure your money is safe and the returns are right. And so you should too when you invest in your customers’ business.

Your chances of recovering that investment – and your profit -  on a timely basis are usually pre-determined by what precautions you take before you invest the money, not after.

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