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6 effective ways to collect money from ongoing customers

Chasing overdue payments from ongoing customers is a challenging balancing act. Avoiding disruptions to your cash flow is key for any business, but coming on too strong when collecting payments from ...
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6 ways to improve your cash flow forecast

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and, as every financial manager knows, tracking, reporting and forecasting it accurately and thoroughly is no mean feat.
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The role of data and technology in financial reporting insights

The advance of technology is rapidly gaining pace. It’s being increasingly adopted across all areas of business due to its ability to streamline processes and drive efficiencies. One of the main ...
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A flowchart of the debt recovery process

To help demystify the debt recovery process we’ve mapped it out in a handy flowchart. Our simplified debt collection process flowchart covers the early stages of recovery, fieldwork and legal action. ...
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7 ways to improve the quality of financial reporting

Never underestimate the importance of accurate financial reporting. As well as making a business look bad to investors and other key stakeholders, it can result in financial loss and attract ...
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What do debt collectors do outside the office?

Personal debt collectors are often thought to be entirely office-bound, spending all their time on the phone or the computer. However, this isn’t 100% true. As a service provider, debt collectors are ...
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Preference payments in liquidation: can payments be collected back from creditors?

The definitive answer to this question is yes. Liquidators can take payments back from creditors. But only in certain circumstances, and only with proof that the creditor received a preferential ...
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Is your debt recoverable?

Recovering debts can often be one of the most difficult parts of running a business, and sometimes it can be make-or-break. A number of questions abound – how long before the debt is written off? How ...
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How do debt collectors recover debts that you can’t?

We take a close look at the professional debt collection process.  Getting paid for your products and services can make or break a business, and few things are more frustrating than having your ...
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