Professional Collection Services is a money collection agency, with offices across the country – we’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings in a St. Lucia office. Now, we have offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. More importantly, we’ve amassed a wealth of experience throughout our two-plus decades of operation and helped thousands of companies of all sizes to save time recovering seemingly lost funds.

With time, we have improved our money collection process to make sure that our clients have the greatest chance of recovering their income.

Get Action On Unpaid Money In 24 Hours With Our Money Collection Services

Yes, it’s possible! Further, companies like ProfColl aim to avoid angry clients putting your reputation at risk by collecting your money with care. We are well aware that your relationships with clients are crucial and you need to uphold them. We can customise or adapt our approaches by acting as an extension of our clients’ accounts processes.

What Do Debt Collectors Do?

Companies hire debt collection agencies like us when debtors owe them money. Collections agencies usually operate for a percentage of the total amount collected. If the agency’s efforts are unsuccessful, you may not need to pay them! That is the case with ProfColl, at least. However, with over 23 years of experience and a reputation for being Brisbane’s #1 debt collection agency, we’re confident we can help you.

How to Collect Money Owed to Me? Tips From Specialists

It’s OK to try and pursue a debtor yourself. However, given how overloaded business owners often are and how important it is to retain good relationships with clients, an external resource can always be helpful.

If you’d like to keep trying, here are some tips from our specialists.

Get the Details

As you speak with your customer about the outstanding debt, try to note all the details of your talk. Enter all data in your company’s tracking software. With time, continue to add any additional information to your file to keep it as updated as possible.

Know Everything

Make sure you are as aware of your delinquent customer’s circumstances as possible. Make copies of all contracts, invoices, and any other information that will help you speak with them personally and knowledgeably.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Before initiating collection procedures, always check if the debt has been paid. Don’t risk putting your customer off and risk doing business in the future. Choose your words wisely, and listen to what the customer says patiently. Document data accurately and carefully.

Stay Calm

Your tone can impact the outcome of your conversation. Your customer is more likely to respond adequately if you start the conversation on a friendly note. Confirm the debtor’s identity and ask if you or a money collection company could do anything to help. If you don’t try to understand the debtor’s side of the story, he might get defensive. However, don’t fall for sob stories either. Our ultimate objective is to collect the debt – and in full – as soon as possible.

Money Owed To Me: What Are My Options?

Your customer appreciates options just like you. Try to work out a repayment schedule to both your satisfaction. Never lose track of the objective – to get them to repay the debt as quickly as possible.

Keep Talking

Even if the person can’t make good on his debt right away, keep talking. You never know – their circumstances might change. If you work together, you have a better chance of figuring out a way for them to start making payment soon. When money has been owed for a long time, collecting it may be harder.

“How to collect money owed to me” is something lots of people ask themselves. Your ultimate goal should be agreeing on a payment plan. Once this has happened, recap the terms. In other words, summarize the payment plan, including any dates and methods. E-mail or post the terms so your customer will have a written copy. Ask them to call or e-mail you after making payment.

Things often work out when you’re using the right approach. However, there is no guarantee they will. However, sometimes you may need professional services like ours despite your best efforts to reach an agreement with the debtor.

Money Collection – How Do We Proceed?

If you’re not comfortable chasing down debts on your own, or have perhaps been unsuccessful, look for a company that has techniques that could improve your collection prospects. You may find the choice of providers of these services overwhelming – when you type in any phrase containing “money owed to me”, Google pulls up one website after another.

Choosing the right agency for your business

Always pick a reputable agency with simple, clearly outlined procedures. Professional Collections Services has a user-friendly interface. It takes just minutes to submit your debt collection request on our website. We will get to work within an hour of getting the details of your case and, often, can take action within 24 hours of receiving the debt. We have a vast database and the skills needed to find the people who owe you money.

Before reaching an agreement, we’ll always run through payment plans with you so that you always have the last word!

Affordable Debt Collection Services

We don’t charge any joining fees or lock our clients into contracts. If our collection efforts fail, you won’t pay anything. Our company operates on a purely commission-based principle. We work with all types of businesses and intervene only when asked.

ProfColl also conducts free feasibility studies and provides advice on the extent, to which your debt is commercially viable. We do not initiate procedures if we believe their positive outcome is unlikely.

Money Owed to Me: Track Progress At Any Time

We’re open and transparent with our clients, ensuring that they’re kept up-to-date with the collections process at all times. We can support multiple the submission of multiple debts. To get started with your debt submission, head over here.

One Point of Contact

We think having multiple points of contact is impractical. Therefore, we assign a dedicated account manager that you can turn to for all relevant collection services and enquiries. Your account manager will work with you to create a reporting system depending on the number of debtors and the amounts you are owed.

Customization is on a case-by-case basis taking all relevant circumstances into account.

Going the legal route

ProfColl works in close cooperation with the Australian Collectors & Debt Buyers Association and the Institute of Mercantile Agents Limited as well as specialised debt recovery lawyers. We involve the latter in complex cases where the debtor refuses to make payment. Legal action can be a necessary step. We work with debt recovery lawyers who specialise in debt recovery, insolvency and commercial litigation.

Represented, in front of the best

ProfColl clients are represented before the Australian federal and state courts, enquiry commissions, and specialist tribunals in cases of a regulatory investigation. Our lawyers can advise on the most optimal course of action to get your money back quickly and economically thanks to their vast arbitration experience.

The ProfColl legal team has technical expertise spanning decades and they ensure optimal commercial outcomes for our clients.

Put Your Trust in a Reliable Company

Our approach to collecting debts is multi-faceted and calculated. Prior to the commencement of legal action, our specially trained team will assess the viability of your case. We’ll advise you against proceeding if your chances of pursuing debt through the legal system are limited. If, on the other hand, your efforts need to be augmented by legal action, our professional account managers will explain the procedure, provide a quote and contact lawyers to make sure you have all of the information and support you need.

How to Collect Money Owed to Me: Investigation as a Factor

Professional Collections Services’ investigators will make efforts to find and confirm the location of your debtors so that collection processes can be initiated. Our vast database and state-of-the-art technologies will certainly help achieve a successful outcome.

Databases and Technologies

The collection process can begin once a location is confirmed, breathing new life into a formerly uncollectable account. Account managers will provide details of the findings to you in your preferred method. On the off chance that the debtor cannot be conclusively located, and a site cannot be determined as a result, your account manager will be prepared with next steps.

We cannot offer you a guarantee, but our vast tools, experience, and paid databases will ensure the best possible outcome of your case. We’ve been known to track down even very hard-to-reach debtors. The investigators who work with our agency are experts at tracking these down to serve demand letters, repossess assets, and negotiate payments.

Our dedicated team will do everything possible to facilitate your collection efforts.

Additional Services

A credit check can be an invaluable tool to assess or prevent the need for having to collect money from clients down the line by picking up on issues other companies may have had. This is a comprehensive report outlining details of a registered company or business, including its credit rating. To issue a credit check without providing our services, we charge a flat rate of $55 per credit report.

Credit Checks: What you’ll get

Credit checks can prevent bad debt, offer a context for legal action, and put an end to further lending costs. Our company credit reports include entity status, adverse action, office holder details, and of course credit score.

Entity status includes entity age, type of ABN, and whether it is a registered business. Our adverse action report will show if this entity has any payment defaults on its credit file. Credit scores range from low to critical.

The credit check process transpires in three quick steps. In the brief form on our site, you enter the data of companies or businesses that you want us to investigate. You’ll receive a contract with confirmation of the credit check. Within an hour of signing the contract and making payment, we’ll get the full credit report back to you.

If you apply outside business hours, you’ll get it the next business day.

Other Asset Checks

We also offer searches of the Personal Property and Securities Register (PPSR), which lists ownership and financial details about a number of assets, such as vehicles. This search can help identify any outstanding debt connected to these assets.

Get Past Debt Collection Myths – Call Us Now

A lot of individuals and companies in Australia are struggling with unpaid debt. Yet, they shy away from services like ours because they think they are expensive. Every agency charges fees at its discretion, but agencies get most of their earnings from commissions on collected debt. If we don’t collect your debt, you don’t pay us. Our commission is only a small part of the money owed to you. However, if our clients’ terms include a penalty clause to charge legal or recovery fees, we will try to recover our commission fees as well as the outstanding debt.

When your client finally pays, you’ll have almost the full amount. If you take into account that hiring a debt collection agency could mean the difference between successful and unsuccessful debt recovery, you will see that you can’t afford not to get in touch with one.

Our terms are fully transparent and our enquiry submission process is the simplest possible. Don’t struggle with unwilling payers driving your profit down – Contact us now to find out if we can help.