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Why PCS?

A debt collection agency that supports client success through debt recovery

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Supporting Australian businesses with debt collection services

Professional Collection Services is an Australian debt collection agency offering a different kind of recovery solution. Think of us as approachable problem solvers, mediators and a necessary extension to Australian businesses.

We want to see our client’s succeed in business, and assisting with the debt recovery of their slow paying or delinquent accounts, allows us to play a small part of that success.


The benefits of working with us

While we have tried and tested methods for collection, we understand that Australian debt recovery cases are rarely black & white.

If you have decided to utilise our services as an extension of your accounts department, or if you have a particular relationship with your client, we can tailor all correspondence (including collection letters) to suit your specifications.

If you require a variation or specific approach to your debt collection, please have a chat to one of our team members before you submit.

With no lock-in contracts or annual fees, PCS is accessible to use as you need us. With any luck, it will be a long time between overdue accounts, but the flexibility to submit debts online as you need, and commission only upon successful resolution, you can rest assured you aren’t paying for what you don’t need.

Like most companies, our staff are the lifeblood of our company. From our selective hiring, in-depth induction through to ongoing training, we ensure our staff are confident and competent across all facets of the debt collection process.

Having a large base of long-serving staff members, the knowledge is rich across industry types, case complexities and variations. The knowledge of the legal system is instrumental in ensuring that any complex matters are evaluated and a ‘best-course-of-action’ solution is presented.

With over 20 years as a debt collection agency and an accumulative staff knowledge base of 140+ years, it is likely that if there’s a recovery situation that we haven’t come across, it was yet to occur.

As an added service, a knowledgeable member of our team may be able to visit your staff, group or association and provide a training and information session on an area of debt collection that you would find beneficial for your in-house processes.

Meet The Team

Run of the mill debt collection may not work in all situations. Some instances are more involved and require a tactical approach.

Is the debt owed in assets rather than money, are there complex contracts at play, Is there a dispute with just a portion of the account, are you unsure who is truly liable?

Not only are we sure to have dealt with these types of matters (many times) over the years, our critical thinking staff will help you to navigate the best path of action to a more likely and successful resolution.

Always on the look-out for innovative technologies, PCS strive for continuous improvements to make the collection process simpler, including allowing you to submit your debts directly here.

Our client portal functionality is available for customers who have multiple accounts with PCS. The portal acts as a window to our debt collection operating systems allowing the user to view updates in real-time, generate reports and upload new debts, notes and documents as desired. If you think you would qualify, contact us today to request access.

With tablets on hand, our Field Agents are able to provide live updates, directly to our debt collection system, while still in attendance at the job site. This ensures that no detail is forgotten, reports are generated quickly and that the co-ordinators can keep track of the agent’s locations, ensuring the most efficient route is taken.

Our award winning debt collection system does not simply diarise calls and generate letters. The capabilities of our system also allow a range of functions including sending SMS messages, that remind debtors of upcoming payments, directly into their hands on the due date. Having integrated with several third-party facilities, the system seamlessly interacts with debt collection tools that aid in faster and more successful results.

Here at PCS, we are taking steps to ensure our processes are as green as possible.

From Green practices and waste minimisation in-office to our online forms, digital archiving and paperless preference, we are step by step doing our small part.

The team at PCS are also passionate about their favourite charities with donations, fundraising events, and volunteer days arranged at various times throughout the year for not-for-profit organisations that often have special meaning for each member of staff.

Long gone are the days of ethically absent debt collection. At a minimum, our strict adherence to the Debt Collection Guidelines and privacy policy, ensures both our clients and debtors can expect to enjoy a professional experience.

Staff are afforded intensive, ongoing training, reviews and assessments to ensure compliance measures are upheld on a daily basis. It is important that staff of all departments are trained to the set standard across the board.

PCS also subscribes and number of industry associations and groups that ensure its members uphold the regulations and compliance measures set.


We have been using the service of Professional Collections for the past 6 years and have always experienced a fast and stress free outcome. Their prompt response to our debt placement; and professional advice and approach to the recovery of the debt has been exceptional.

Suzane Fenech Results Accounting Pty Ltd

“I must admit I was very doubtful of success and nearly fell over when Glen rang to say the money was in their Solicitor’s trust account – what a moment after 5 years of others trying to collect for me with no success.  I would have no hesitation in recommending PCS to anyone for any of their outstanding debts.”


“We have found PCS to be extremely thorough and professional, and they have a great success rate.

All of their staff are very approachable and friendly. Will continue to recommend them to our work colleagues.”

Narelle MC Scaffolds

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