Prompt service is a core competency of our debt collection business. We have the resources to act upon your instructions on the same day as they are received, be it to send a letter of demand, make a telephone demand or issue Court proceedings for commercial litigation. We see this commitment as beneficial and essential to a flourishing business relationship.

Chasing bad debt can be an uncomfortable task. PCS make this process easy as our mercantile agents are specialists in the field. We differ from other collection agencies many ways. These include:

Professional Collection Services are pro-active in their approach to debt collection. If a debtor has genuine cash flow problems and is unable to pay, or unsure sure about their solvency, we have a network of advisors whom will arrange a consultation to discuss any issues.

Professional Collection Services adopt this approach so “best advice” can be prepared to Creditors to help decide any legal action pending against a debtor. More oftern than not, a Debtor may need assistance in turning their business around. Our only goal here, is to get creditors paid.

Should a debtor be insolvent, and this is identified at an early stage, this allows Professional Collection Services enter negotiations to help secure you position. Creditors will also save money on litigation, avoid demands of preferences payments, and ensure that a liquidator has the best chance of realising assets and collecting the highest dividend for creditors.

We have our own solicitors who specialize in bad debt recovery matters; we quote fixed prices for legal matters such as Statement of Liquidated Claims, Default Judgments, Oral Examinations, Warrant of Apprehensions and Bankruptcy Notices and Winding up Applications.