Personal debt collectors are often thought to be entirely office-bound, spending all their time on the phone or the computer. However, this isn’t 100% true.

As a service provider, debt collectors are engaged to work in your best interests and ensure you get the best possible outcomes. Sometimes that means working in the office, but sometimes that means getting out into the field.

Many people are aware of debt collection services and what they entail. But few people know what debt collectors do outside the office – work handled by debt collection field agents.

But while the Field Agent title may sound mysterious, the role of debt collection field agents is relatively straightforward (and highly necessary for dealing with debtors).

3 jobs debt collectors do in the field

Debt collection field agents are certified professionals who hold a debt collection licence (known as a Mercantile Agent’s license). They are skilled in methods of recovering debt that may not be available to creditors directly.

Field agents are fully aware of all legal and ethical obligations attached to their job and act in accordance with the law at all times (and with full knowledge that they represent you as a client, and need to protect your reputation).

With that said, there are three particular jobs that fall within a field agent’s remit – we’ve outlined them below.

1. Conduct field calls

Debt collection field agents can conduct field calls on your behalf. A field call involves a registered debt collection agent attending the debtor’s location in person.

Field calls can have a few benefits. The establishment of a friendly, non-aggressive dialogue in person can open the lines of communication in situations where the debtor has become unresponsive.

Similarly, the attendance of a field agent can send a polite but firm message to the debtor that the debt is being taken seriously and will not be written off.

Field calls are also a good way to confirm the address of a debtor – especially prior to legal action as documents need to be personally served at this stage. Confirming a questionable address can save legal fees for drafting and filing legal documents which can’t be served to the debtor.

And finally, with the client’s prior authority a field agent can either arrange on the spot payment or work out a payment plan.

Arranging a field call is a simple process – simply notify us of the debtor’s location (or the last known location you have) and we can arrange to have a registered, qualified field agent attend in a professional manner on your behalf.

2. Repossess assets

If, after seeking to collect the debt for an extended period, there is still no progress with the debtor, repossession of secured assets may become an option.

A registered field agent with a debt collection licence can undertake the repossession for you. The field agent will work with you, under instruction, and also suggest possible courses of action based on experience.

They are able to help in liaising with third parties such as tow truck drivers or locksmiths to ensure the repossession process runs as smoothly as possible.

In repossession cases, field agents will act responsibility, in line with the law and in full compliance with all relevant regulations. They will keep you updated and provide full reports following the repossession to ensure you are fully aware of actions completed.

3. Personally serve legal documents

If you are in the process of initiating court action against a debtor, you may need someone to serve the legal documents to the debtor for you.

Again, placing this responsibility in the hands of personal debt collectors ensures that all actions will be carried out in full accordance with the law.

In addition to ensuring legal compliance, the field agent serving the debtor will be able to answer their questions about the debt collection and legal process and keep the lines of communication open.

In a vast majority of debt collection scenarios, the most satisfactory resolutions are brought about through continued communication – and having a field agent act as a mediator is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Do you need a debt collection field agent?

Debt collection field agents can provide a useful avenue for debt recovery in situations where communication with debtors has stalled. By bringing a personal, professional touch to the situation they can open up lines of dialogue and advance the debt collection process to the mutual satisfaction of all parties.

At Professional Collection Services we have in-house field agents that can be engaged easily and provide a service with simple yet comprehensive scheduling, reporting and personalisation.

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