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Legal Action

When your case is more complex, you want a specialised legal team on your side.

We work closely with specialised debt recovery lawyers

At times, debtors may not always co-operate or a case may prove to be more complex. This is where legal action could be a necessary step in getting your account finalised. Professional Collection Services can help to facilitate the process by liaising with debt recovery lawyers who specialise in debt collection, insolvency and commercial litigation.

Your dedicated account managers are also trained in the legal process and will liase directly with the law firm to ensure you are progressing on the correct path to a successful resolution, whilst decoding the legal jargon.

Our lawyers represent clients before the Australian federal and state courts, specialist tribunals in regulatory investigations and before commissions of enquiry. Having in-depth arbitration experience representing clients from a vast array of industries, our debt recovery lawyers can advise on the best course of action to get your debt recovered quickly and economically.


Fixed Court Scale Pricing

Our debt recovery lawyers provide us with fixed quote prices for undefended legal matters that we pass directly onto you for all court proceedings, such as Statement of Liquidation Claims, Default Judgements, Oral Examinations, Warrant of Apprehensions Bankruptcy Notices, and Winding up Applications.

Attendance At Enforcement Hearings

If the debtor is unable or unwilling to pay the debt, you or your business may become involved in commercial litigation. Our team are available to attend enforcement hearings and help answer any questions relating to the law that you may have during this time.

High-Quality Commercial Outcomes

Corporate collapse is always a risk, making it tricky for you to get payment from debtors. With the ever evolving area of law, our lawyers are at the forefront, delivering technical expertise and ensuring the best commercial outcomes for our clients.

Multi-Faceted and Calculated Approach 

Before a case will see the inside of a law firm, the viability of each case is assessed by our specially trained debt recovery officers. If the likelyhood of a case being paid through the legal system is slim, then your account manager will advise you against proceeding. Because our commission structure is aligned with the successful recovery of your account, not a law firm, our intention is to get the debt paid as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. If your case requires legal action, the account managers are able to expalin the process to you, provide a quote and liase with our affiliated (record breaking) lawyers to ensure you have all of the information at your disposal and the greatest team in your corner.

Our affiliated law firm's expertise is debt collection litigation and are specialists in all area's of recovery. Through years of experience, the team are able to advise on the best course of action for case progression that is more likely to be successful in the most economical way possible. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons why an account may not be paid on time. If those reasons are not able to be rectified through the usual collection process, then legal action may be necessary to formalise the process and create an environment where action needs to be taken.

Your account manager will advise you if they believe a file is not suitable for legal action, or is not likely to be successful via this method.

If legal action is the most likely course for recovery, the account manager can explain the process and possible steps in easy to understand terms, cutting through the legal jargon. Remember, the debt can be paid at any stage of the process and the next stage may not be necessary, but you will be given all of the information to make an informed decision if the need arises.

If you are unsure if your current Terms and Conditions are going to cover you, please get in touch below and our staff can review them for you, free of charge.

If your Terms are inadequate, then a quote can be obtained from our affiliated law firm for a small tweak, or complete re-write as necessary.

If your Terms and Conditions are not up to date, then you may not be able to claim or enforce all that you should be entitled to, leaving you further out of pocket.

The collection process, like any overdue account can be quite varied. Some accounts are recovered the same day, others may prove more difficult and take more time, or alternative processes.

If the need for legal action is realised, we are often at the mercy of the courts and legal system, which can at times prove to be a lengthy process.

Remember that in most cases, the sooner the debt is followed up, the greater the chance of collection!