Bring dead-ends back to life through investigations

Our specialist investigators will attempt to trace or confirm the location of your debtors to ensure the collections processes can commence, for a greater chance of success. With our years of experience and a variety of databases and resources at our disposal, you can rest asured in the knowledge that we’ll be thorough in our attempts and hit restart on the recovery of your lost, overdue accounts.


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Databases & Technologies

With a vast array of tools at our disposal and a growing number of resources as technologies develop, we are better equiped than ever to track down valuable and relevant information.



Each case is different and will require an individual approach. While no results can be guaranteed, with the experience, tools and databases at our disposal, your case will be in a great position to achieve a successful outcome.
Once a location is confirmed, the collection process can commence, breathing new life into a previously uncollectable account.



Once the tracing process is complete, your dedicated account manager will provide details of the findings via your preferred medium. If the results prove inconclusive or if the subject is deemed a 'non-locate', your account manager will be able to advise on the next steps, moving forward.

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Track down hard-to-reach debtors

With over 20 years of experience under our belts, we have perfected the process of tracking down and collecting debts using a variety of resources.

Our investigative team are experts at tracking down hard-to-reach debtors to repossess assets, negotiate payments and serve writs, subpoenas and other court documents.

So whether you require debt collection, a repossession, document service or an agent to confirm and attend a property, our internal investigative team has you covered ensuring your collection efforts can move forward.

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Collect your debt in 3 easy steps


Submit your debt request.

Submit your debt request online within minutes by using our debt submission form. We ask all the necessary details upfront so that our debt collectors can get on with recovering your debts quickly.


We process your request.

We act on your debts within 1 hour of receiving complete instructions. Our approach is assertive, not aggressive; and we utilise our extensive paid database and external agencies to locate debtors


Receive your outcome

We give debtors a variety of payment options, and any debtor submissions or payment plans are discussed with you before an agreement is made. We share our advice but you have the final say.