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In-house Field Agents

We offer organisations quick and painless nation-wide Field Agent services for all forms of commercial and personal recoveries.

Licensed agents to recover your assets.

Managed by our in-house co-ordinators, our nation-wide team of Field Agents can perform repossessions, serve court documents, conduct interviews and confirm information in a manner that is both professional and timely. With daily scheduling, unparalleled knowledge and on-site reporting, you can trust that your accounts will be handled by the best. 



No matter the size, our in-house field agents act on any number of securities across Australia. With on-the-job reporting capabilities and a wealth of experience, you know what you are getting with our in-house team. 

Document Service

If you have a legal document in need of service, our field agents are able to attend a minimum of 3 occurances (at various times of the day) whether the action was commenced with us or not. From the first attendance, valuable information is sought, to ensure that service is achieved within the first round of attempts. 

Field Calls

If your case requires a face-to-face interview or if you simply need an address confimed or security sighted, our Field Agents will attend in a professional, discreet and non-threatening manner.

Australia-wide team with In-house Scheduling 

With a carefully selected and trained team across Australia, our team are experts in their field. Identifying the need to internalise our Field work several years ago, we have perfected the process of service and collection to ensure your accounts have the greatest chance of recovery and retention.

Our field agents are experts at retrieving assets, serving writs, subpoenas and other court documents. Our field agents are trained in negotiating payments and arrangements face to face with your subjects, and if the subject is longer at the given address, we canvas the immediate area for further information and provide you with a detailed report.

The head office co-ordination team distributes jobs to each agent based on time-sensitivity and location, so that the maximum efficiency is achieved, resulting a prompt turnaround. 

So whether you require a repossession, document service or an agent to confirm and attend a property, our Internal Repo team have you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to make a full or lump-sum payment on your overdue account, then we may be able to help you to arrange a Payment Plan.

Before proposing a Payment Arrangement, it is important to know how much you can comfortably afford. There is no point in making an offer that you can’t stick to, or making an offer that would be deemed unreasonable by your creditor’s.

There is no set figure for an acceptable arrangement, so proposing a fair and sustainable payment plan is the most likely course of action to get approved.

If you are unable to pay your bills as and when they are due (without resorting to credit), then you would be deemed ‘Insolvent’. If you haven’t already done so, then a budget is a great place to start. Negotiating a sustainable payment plan with all your creditors may help to keep you on top of things.

If you have assessed your finances and are still unable to keep your head above water, then there are several free Aid of Hardship services available to advise on the next best step.

Your debt isn’t likely to disappear though and ignoring it can lead to additional and unnecessary legal costs being added, so please keep us or your creditors informed of your situation (no matter how uncomfortable it is to talk about).

Long-gone are the days of the proverbial baseball bat. Modern debt collection these days is a professional affair.

At times, all it takes is a third party to get involved to alert the debtor to the urgency of payment. Other cases require our team of specialised, trained professionals to negotiate, mediate and follow up payments systematically.

PCS has perfected our own method of collection over the past 20 years, updating and streamlining the process to incorporate modern technologies, whilst strictly operating within the confines of the Debt Collection Guidelines.