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Debt Collection Services

Chasing a bad debt can be an uncomfortable task. As an Australian debt collection agency, debt recovery is the core of our business. It’s what we know and we do it well.

Debt recovery is the core of our business

We have debt collectors around Australia; with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Throughout more than twenty years of operation we’ve assisted thousands of businesses of all sizes and industries to save time chasing overdue accounts, improve their cash flow and recover seemingly impossible debts.

As we've gained more experience, our debt recovery process has been tweaked, streamlined and perfected to ensure that you have the greatest chance of recovering your hard earned income. We believe in our debt recovery services so much that we don’t charge any commission unless we get a resolution on your account.

We understand that your reputation with clients is important and a continued relationship may need to be upheld. Sensitive to this fact, we are able to customise or take an alternative approach to our usual system if required - by acting as an extension of your accounts processes.

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Request debt collection

Submit your debt request online within minutes by using our debt submission form. We ask all the necessary details upfront so that our debt collectors can get on with recovering your debts quickly.

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Enable prompt action

We act on your debts within 1 hour of receiving complete instructions. Our approach is assertive, not aggressive; and we utilise our extensive paid database and external agencies to locate debtors.

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Fast-track debt recovery

We give debtors a variety of payment options, and any debtor submissions or payment plans are discussed with you before an agreement is made. We share our advice but you have the final say.

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No Joining Fees or Lock-in Contracts

We are purely commission based–we don’t charge you any joining fees for requesting our services. We cater for all types of companies and don’t enforce lock-in contracts so you can involve us only when you have unpaid invoices that need to be chased.

No Resolution, No Charge

On the off chance the debtor can’t be located or refuses to pay, we don’t charge you any commission. To help you out, we go one step further and conduct a free feasibility study and advise on the commercial viability of the debt, prior to the commencement of any further action.  

Real-Time Access To Reports

Our Client Portal technology and reporting gives you real-time access to your debt collection matters online, so you can accurately monitor due payment records and disburse payments received anytime, anywhere. For multiple accounts, ask us how we can set this up for you. 

Get a dedicated account manager

When dealing with a debt recovery agency, there’s nothing more frustrating than having multiple points of contact who you have to continually chase and re-educate. At Professional Collection Services, we'll allocate you a dedicated account manager to rely on for all debt collection services.

Your account manager can work with you to strategise a reporting system tailored to the volume of your debtors and the processes within your organisation - whether you’re a small business owner tackling overdue invoices or a large institution with a million dollar debtors ledger. 

By producing weekly, fortnightly or monthly online reports, your account manager will make sure you have information at hand when you need it. This includes the names of debtors and references, amounts owing, amounts recovered, costs incurred and the status of all accounts.

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Let’s Discuss

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Frequently Asked Questions

The term ‘Statute Barred’ refers to the debts that have surpassed the 6-year Australian limitation.

This timeframe is often from the date the amount was invoiced, but in certain circumstances, the debt may still be enforceable if your debtor has made a payment or admitted to the debt in writing. The 6 year statute of limitations may then start from this new date, giving you more time to act.

It is no surprise to learn that the older the debt, (typically) the harder it is to collect, so the sooner you act, the better!

The collection process, like any overdue account can be quite varied. Some accounts are recovered the same day, others may prove more difficult and take more time, or alternative processes.

If the need for legal action is realised, we are often at the mercy of the courts and legal system, which can at times prove to be a lengthy process.

Remember that in most cases, the sooner the debt is followed up, the greater the chance of collection!

While we can’t speak for other agencies, we offer no joining fees, no admin or letter fees and only charge a commission amount if we get a resolution on your account. Please see our Fee Schedule for our commission rates.

Should the file need to proceed legally or with an alternative service like skip tracing or field work, then a quote will be provided as required. No action will commence or costs incurred without your approval.

As we only get paid when you do, our interests and motivations are aligned with yours. The success of our business relies on the success of yours.

Professional Collection Services provides debt collection services Australia-wide, with offices located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. In addition to our debt recovery services, we provide assistance with legal action, in-house field agents and specialist investigators. To speak to a team member at any of our locations, feel free to contact us here.