Speed Up Your Debt Recovery Process With A Process Server

process server

What is a process server?

Nope, it’s not technical computer lingo (well maybe it is, but that’s not the kind we’re talking about!)

In debt recovery terms, a process server is an individual that is authorized to serve legal documents, such as summons, debt claims and notices, and other formal documents. They can operate independently, or fulfil a combined role of debt recovery and process serving. In the latter case, they are usually referred to as Field Agents.

What do process servers do?

They have the authority to serve legal documents which usually give notice of a lawsuit, or give a legal summons. Locating the individual can sometimes involve more complex procedures such as skip tracing to locate individuals that have ‘skipped town’, or are difficult to find. Upon serving someone, if the person you hire is also a debt collector, they may become involved in other debt collection services.

Do you need help with debt collection?

Do you need to take someone to court, but you’re unable to serve court papers? If yes, then do you need to inform someone of a debt collection notice, but don’t know your legal grounds?

Then you need help asap! Process serving is an integrated part of our 360 degrees debt collection service. Therefore, in order to move forward with the debt collection process, you may require the presence of a particular person in court. Common documents that are served include a summons to court, complaints, and writs.

We pride ourselves on being the Bruce Willis of the debt collection world – no mission is impossible. We have an excellent track record in serving individuals who had previously been impossible to find. So if you would like your particular case closed and dusted off, get in touch today.

How does a court summons work?

If you wish to file a summons or complaint against someone, you must do this through the legal system. Once the summons or complaint is issued, you then have 120 days to serve the document to the defendant. Once they have received the document, they are then legally obliged to attend the court hearing or follow the legal process in question.

Any party in a debt collection case is NOT allowed to serve legal papers, meaning that you must allocate someone impartial to serve the papers on your behalf. Although in some cases, people may choose a friend or acquaintance to do it for them, hiring someone is by and far the more sensible and effective option. This will not only ensure that the documents are handed to the defendant, in person but handle the situation with sensitivity and professionalism.

How much does could it?

We don’t believe in charging upfront fees. In fact, we’re so confident in our own ability, that we operate a ‘no resolution, no charge’ policy. Will only take a commission based on the amount of money that is successfully recovered. We don’t charge a joining fee, and you are not locked into a fixed term contract. Meaning that you can come to use for anything big or small! We work on a sliding scale – for more information, check out our fees schedule.

Trust Our Awesome Team

No job is too large or small for our debt recovery superheroes. Our nationwide team of Field Agents are all accredited, licensed and bonded according to their area of expertise. Managed by our in-house coordinators, they are sent across to the country to complete various missions from serving court summons to conducting interviews and repossessions.

Our Field Agents are experts at retrieving assets, serving writs, subpoenas, and other court documents. They are also trained in negotiating payments and arrangements face to face. Our agents carry out on-site reporting which is reported back to you in real time, via our innovative Client Portal Technology.

Your Own Dedicated Account Manager

We think you deserve undivided attention. That’s why when you opt for a debt recovery service with us, you get your own dedicated account manager.

No matter whether you want an elite process server, skip tracing, or the full debt recovery package, you will be assigned one of our professional and highly knowledgeable team to advise and guide you throughout the process.

For Australians, by Australians

Our busy team, really do get around!

Our carefully selected and expertly trained agents are like the James Bonds of the debt recovery world. Strategically placed all over Australia, our agents are ready to take on cases in their location. We distribute jobs to agents based on time-sensitivity and location, which means maximum efficiency and a quick turnaround for YOU!

Get in touch with the team below for services in your area:

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All bases are covered in our debt collection process

Are you interested in more than just a process server? Do you want the whole debt recovery package?

Let us do the hard work for you!

Debt recovery with us is as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Submit your debt request online within minutes by using our debt submission form. We ask all the necessary details up front so that our debt collectors can get on with recovering your debts quickly.
  2. We act on your debts within 1 hour of receiving complete instructions. Our approach is assertive, not aggressive; and we utilize our extensive paid database and external agencies to locate debtors.
  3. We give debtors a variety of payment options, and any debtor submissions or payment plans are discussed with you before an agreement is made. We share our advice but you have the final say.

Profcoll: Your Commercial Debt Collection Specialists

We specialize in recovering debts for your business. For the past 23 years, we’ve helped thousands of businesses in all shapes and sizes recover debts of any size!

You can trust the professionals to send your debt back where it belongs – in your business! Many businesses choose to turn to us time and time again for their debt recovery needs.

Why waste time chasing overdue accounts, or trying to recover seemingly impossible debts? Our team of ninjas can do that all for you – freeing up your valuable time, and improving your cash flow.

Other Services We Offer

Legal Action, including a process server

If the debtor refuses to cooperate then legal action could become necessary to recover your funds.

When Profcoll is on your side, you’ll have specialist debt recovery lawyers on hand who specialize in debt collection, insolvency and commercial litigation. Our expert team have in-depth arbitration experience representing clients before the Australian federal and state courts, specialist tribunals in regulatory investigations and before commissions of enquiry. Profcoll’s invaluable experience means we can advise on the best course of action to get your debt recovered quickly and economically.

Our dedicated account managers are also trained in the legal process. They’ll help you cut through the legal jargon, whilst liaising directly with the law firm to ensure that you are the right path towards a resolution.


Many times debtors can’t be (or don’t want to be) found. Our experienced and professional team of specialist investigators will attempt to trace or confirm the location of your debtors. We have access to vast databases and resources to track down debtors Australia-wide, meaning that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to recovering your debt.

Once they have been found, then your agent can start the debt recovery process.

Mercantile Enquiries

A mercantile enquiry is a permanent mark left on a company’s credit file when a mercantile agent (such as a debt collection agency with a Mercantile Agent Licence) views it. To future creditors, a mercantile enquiry suggests that business has encountered debt issues in the past.

It’s important to note a mercantile enquiry is not a black mark or default as no information about the debt is listed, but informs future creditors that a debt collector has looked at their credit file.

Credit Checks

A company credit check is a comprehensive report that outlines details of a registered business or company, including their credit rating. It can be a useful tool for preventing or evaluating debt collection issues.

You can request a credit check without engaging any of our debt collection services, for a flat rate of $50 ex.GST per credit report. For more information contact our team.

Don’t let bad debt sink your business

Unrecovered debt is the last thing your small business needs. So, get your debt collected and invest it back into your business. Profcoll is the debt collection agency to trust to get your cash flow back on track. To get started, simply enquire today for free and one of our expert account managers will be in touch with your shortly to discuss your debt.

Also, if you’re looking for some tips straight from the horse’s mouth, head over to our blog for DIY debt collection solutions.