ProfColl Are The Best Debt Collection Agency Sydney

Finances are one of those tough subjects that no one likes to talk about. It’s a sensitive topic and it becomes even more so when it’s money that is overdue. No one wants to admit that they are behind on their bills or have unpaid invoices. It can be just as tricky when you’re the one trying to collect on these overdue debts. Trying to collect money can make a lot of people feel uncomfortable and they can become defensive. That’s when it pays to know the best debt collection agency Sydney out there. ProfColl!

While it can seem difficult, getting invoices sorted is most likely your biggest priority. If they’re resolved early, you can move forward and not have to worry about unpaid debt looming over your head. When it comes to fighting off bad debt, having a debt collection agency Sydney that you can turn to will be your secret weapon. Forget about feeling uncomfortable trying to get your hard-earned money back. Let ProfColl do the hard work while you focus on running your business.

The increasing need for a debt collection agency Sydney

It’s no secret that modern society has a strong consumer focus. We live in a society where it is common practice to live paycheck to paycheck. We regularly purchase new belongings and upgrade our cars, homes and devices. We’re encouraged to buy more things, more often and put it on credit if we need to. So, it comes as no surprise that household debt is at an all-time high. An almost flippant use of credit is a leading cause of high debt levels. Many businesses are now starting to feel the pinch of the national debt crisis. The need for a professional debt collection agency Sydney is becoming more prevalent.

This is where ProfColls experience stands above the rest. When you’re trying to ensure that your business stays afloat and outlasts the rest, it’s important to have the best by your side. The Australian debt crisis is costing the economy approximately $70 billion annually. We’re now dealing with rising debt levels and a society that is more blasé about buying on credit than ever. This is leading to an unstable credit situation for many businesses throughout Australia. Rather than being caught in the storm, trust ProfColl to help your business stay afloat and keep your cash flow where it should be – in your business.

Why a debt collection agency Sydney is important in Australia

People are trying to keep up with the Jones’ which is pushing the national debt crisis to all new heights. People are upgrading cars, purchasing new homes and renovating property all with no thought as to how the credit crunch is going to affect them. Naturally, most of these are put on credit cards or personal loans. This is leading to thousands up thousands of dollars of debt per household.

Debt is reaching unmanageable levels and it’s going to be the small to medium businesses that really feel the crunch when push comes to shove. When it reaches the point where people are unable to pay their creditors, it’s going to pay to have a good debt collection agency on your side. With the estimate that 38% of small to medium businesses owners have had to dip into personal funds to keep their businesses running, the need for debt recovery is apparent.

ProfColl are the leading debt collection Agency Sydney for a reason

When it comes to having experience in the industry, no one beats ProfColl. We boast a solid 23-years of experience in the debt collection industry and have seen it all. We know what has the best chances of working and we know what archaic practices are best left in the past. On our journey to being the best, we have learnt what does and doesn’t work, and we’ve tweaked our services to include nothing but the most successful practices.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re seasonal professional in the business industry, you’ll know that controlling your cash flow is key to a healthy business. If you don’t have cash flow coming back into your business due to unpaid invoices, you’re going to have some troubles. You wouldn’t just throw away piles of cash! So, don’t leave debt unsettled. It’s essential to hit the ground running when it comes to having a reliable debt collection procedure.

It’s estimated that each small business is owed an estimated $38,000 in overdue debt. This is a phenomenal amount and it’s easy to see how this has a hand in such a high rate of failure for many young businesses. We don’t want your business to become one of these statistics. Having a professional debt collection agency for small business needs will be your ticket to keeping your business going strong.

When you want to knock these unsustainable debt levels out of the door, turn to ProfColl to make it happen. Trust in our experience and tested practices. Trust that we know how to get your money back into your business, where it belongs.

We’re nationwide

With offices all around Australia, we’re well-located to help out as many Aussie businesses as possible. So, if you need a hand from a debt collection agency? Get in touch with ourdebt collection Brisbane team, debt collectors Melbourne team, debt collectors Sydney, debt collection Perth or debt collection Adelaide teams and see how they can help you move those tricky debt files from the “too hard” pile to the “done” pile.

Don’t be put off by the idea that you can’t find a good debt collection agency near you. ProfColl is Australia wide and with such extensive experience in the industry, ready to tackle your debt files.

We know how to settle those invoices professionally

Maintaining a positive relationship with your clients is important in any business, but most especially in a small to medium business. Proceeding with debt collection actions against your clients can seem like going against the grain when trying to maintain this positive relationship. It can be incredibly difficult when some of your clients don’t want to pay the invoices they owe to you, especially if they’re regulars. And, understandably, this can lead to a tough situation for you, the business owner, when trying to decide what to do with these overdue files.

We’ve been drilled to believe that the customer is always right. In an era where social media reigns supreme, irritated customers can take to any of their social media platforms and with just a click and a post, voice their negative opinions to the world. Understandably, this can have a serious effect on your business and public image. With this in mind, the idea of proceeding with debt collection actions can seem like a minefield.

ProfColl has developed a firm yet professional approach to collecting on these overdue debts. We know that a continuing relationship with your clients is necessary, so we utilise techniques that will maintain this relationship for the future. We’ve evolved past the archaic practice of previous debt collection techniques. We are firm, yet reasonable. We utilise creative, effective and out of the box thinking to ensure that not only do your invoices get paid, but your relationship with your clients remains positive.

Don’t let the fear of unhappy customers hold you back from collecting money that is yours. Let ProfColl help.

How does a debt collection agency Sydney proceed?

Debt recovery can be a tricky business if you aren’t familiar with the legislation that governs what can and cannot be done. This legislation provides clear guidelines for debtors and collectors. That’s why many Australian businesses are choosing to outsource their debt files to professionals in the industry.

Once an invoice has been overdue for the minimum required time it can then be handed over to a debt collection agency in a final attempt to get it settled. It is now up to the debt collection agency to follow up on the debt and recover it legally.

The debt collection agency can now get in touch with the debtor via phone and email. If they are unable to contact the debtor, they will then try contacting their family and friends. While the debt collectors are not allowed to pass along any specific information about why they are looking for the debtor, they are allowed to make contact to confirm that they have the correct information on file for the debtor.

On the small chance that they haven’t yet managed to resolve the debt, collectors can then take the next step in the process. They are able to utilise the services of a private investigator to track the debtor down.

The final step is to lodge a claim with the courts. This is provided they have not exceeded the statute of limitations of repayment. Lodging a claim is always a last resort, however, and will only be taken reluctantly if all other methods have been exhausted.

Who can use ProfColls debt collection services?

ProfColl can help any business in Australia that needs a helping hand to settle their overdue debt files. From the smallest trades business through to the largest Fortune 500 company, ProfColl has the ability to help get your files sorted. Whatever your size, ProfColl can extend that helping hand. Don’t let overdue invoices cause you more problems than they must. Get them sorted now and get them off your plate.

Business is a cut-throat world and sometimes the difference in success and failure can be that all-important cash flow. Unpaid invoices are simply cash that is not coming back into your business. This is a problem that can escalate and get progressively worse if ignored. Get in touch with a debt collection agency Sydney to get the process of debt recovery started. Address your debt files now to make sure they don’t become a crippling problem down the track.

If you choose to ignore overdue files, they can escalate and snowball out of control. This can seriously affect cash flow. For a young business, every dollar is going to be essential. Every cent will go into the upkeep and expansion of your new business, so it stands to reason that having overdue invoices can affect your ability to hit the ground running. You already have enough on your plate. Let ProfColl be the debt collection agency Sydney that you turn to.

Hiring a debt collection agency Sydney is worth it

A lot of businesses will put off contacting a debt collection agency Sydney as it might not seem worth it. After all, they’re only getting back a fraction of what the overdue debt after expenses, right? Many assume that after commission is paid to the debt recovery team, the resulting sum really isn’t worth the effort to get it resolved. Well, we’re here to change that kind of thinking.

We encourage our clients to utilise an indemnity clause in contracts with their clients. An indemnity clause is a contractual transfer of risk between the two parties in the event that a loss occurs. If you haven’t got this in your contracts with your clients yet, we highly suggest including it in your future contracts. But how can this help you ask?

Say you are utilising the services of a professional debt collection agency Sydney for an overdue debt file. The client has previously signed your contract with an indemnity clause included. This means that you will be compensated for any legal fees or commission that may be accumulated by the debt recovery proceedings. These fees will essentially fall on the client. So, yes, it is certainly worth the effort of getting the file resolved.

If your current contracts don’t have this indemnity clause included, debt collector Sydney services are definitely still worth it. As mentioned above, cash-flow is key. Even if you’re only getting a portion of your debt returned to you, it’s still cash-flow that is going back into your business. And, as discussed, every cent is essential.

Don’t look past ProfColl

Debt collection services can seem like a scary prospect to many. However, with a professional and experienced team behind you, they don’t have to be. Trust the leading industry experts who know what works, and how to maintain your relationship with your clients. Don’t let the belief that debt collection is too hard and may have a negative impact on your public image, put you off. Trust that with 23-years of experience behind us, we can get your money returned in a professional and efficient manner.

We know what works and we utilise forward-thinking approaches to get those tricky debt files sorted. We’re the number one debt collection agency Sydney for a reason. Do you need a hand getting some overdue debt files sorted? Let ProfColl, the best debt collection agency Sydney get your cash flow back on track.