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We live in a consumer-based society. This may not be a surprise with the multinational businesses and Fortune 500 companies reigning supreme in the global market. A market where, with massive social media audiences at their fingers, the customer more right than ever. What may be surprising to some, however, are the constantly rising levels of debt that are now making an appearance. With many businesses starting to feel the pinch of the national debt crisis it’s imperative that the importance of debt collectors Melbourne are recognised.


It’s when you’re trying to ensure that your business outlasts the rest that it helps to have ProfColls industry experience on your side. With the debt crisis costing the Australian economy approximately $70 billion annually, it pays to know the best. When you pair such a consumer-focused society with high levels of household and national debt, you have the perfect storm for a debt crisis. Rather than being swept away by the storm, trust ProfColl to help you stay above the tide and keep your cash flow where it should be – in your business.


Why debt collectors Melbourne are increasingly important


As the national debt crisis reaches new highs, people seem to be focusing on constantly upgrading their belongings and accumulating more personal possessions than ever before. And naturally, many of these items are being paid for on credit. People are upgrading their homes and cars, maxing out credit cards and completing renovations, all with their debt levels increasing. The idea of keeping up with the Jones’ is becoming ingrained in society and how many regard their finances.


In a society that values the accumulation of possessions, it’s easy to see how unmanageable debt levels are reached. And with so many people unable to successfully pay their creditors or service providers, many small to medium businesses are being negatively affected. In fact, it’s been estimated that almost 38% of small to medium businesses have had to dip into their personal funds at some point in their trading in order to stay afloat.


This may not sound dramatic, but when you consider that for many of these businesses start-ups cash flow is extremely tight, which can severely affect their abilities to get off the ground running. This is where the importance of our expertise really comes into play. The storm that is the national debt crisis is rearing its ugly head. It’s important to have debt collection specialists such as ProfColl on your side when clients just don’t pay.


Why you should turn to ProfColl – debt collectors Melbourne


As professional debt collectors Melbourne, ProfColl has extensive experience in the debt collection industry up our sleeves. Known as the best in the business, we put our 23-years of experience in helping out all manner of businesses across Australia. This experience has allowed us to help many Australians recover their hard-earned cash and get their businesses back on track.


Put simply, we know the industry. We know what works and what doesn’t work. We know that to have a successful resolution to your debt files we often need to think outside of the box and get creative. Our experience and forward-thinking strategies allow us to help get your cash back where it belongs.


It’s estimated that each Australian business is owed more than $38,000 in bad debt. This is unsustainable in regard to both business practices and in terms of simply keeping your business afloat. For a business to continue operating at optimal levels, cash flow is key. This is where our extensive experience comes into play. ProfColl can solve all manner of debt related services, including debt collection, hardship services, investigative services, insolvency and legal action. We can help stabilise your cash flow, reduce your debt levels and get your cash back where it belongs.


With offices located throughout Australia, debt collecting just got a whole lot easier. Get in touch with the debt collection Brisbane team, debt collection Perth, debt collection Sydney or debt collectors Melbourne teams and see how we can help you out. With such diverse offices around Australia, we’re well situated to help out all Australian businesses, no matter where you are.


What makes ProfColl the industry leaders?


We understand just how important cash flow is for a business. With this in mind, we have tailored our services to ensure that we can get your cash back to where it belongs, fast.


We understand that in many cases you may need to maintain a good relationship with your debtors. After all, business stops for no man, right? With this in mind, ProfColl has revolutionised the archaic practices of old school debt collectors Melbourne. Not only do we keep up with the industry, but we outstrip them in terms of flexible practices and thinking outside of the box. Why is this important? It allows us to stay ahead of the game by tailoring our services to you specifically. We adapt to and overcome new scenarios. This allows for a high success rate in debt collecting.


We’re all around Australia! There are many small and medium Australian businesses that have overdue invoices and bad debt. ProfColl aims to assist these businesses both locally and nationally. The problem is growing tenfold. But, you should be able to access professional debt collection services, no matter where you are located in Australia. Debt collection Australia has never been so easy.


Our dedicated case managers make the whole process seamless. We’re firm believers that our team are our biggest asset. With this in mind, we utilise dedicated case managers who are encouraged to be creative and forward-thinking when it comes to those tricky debt files. Our experience has taught us that to be successful in debt collection Australia, forward-thinking and flexible and intuitive approaches are the best way to ensure successful resolution of your debt files. Our team embody these values.


How does the debt collection process work?


The debt collection process can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with it. With this in mind, many Australian businesses will outsource their debt files to professionals who specialise in the industry.


There is a staggering amount of legislation surrounding what debt collectors Melbourne can and cannot do during debt collection proceedings. This legislation provides a clear guideline for both collectors and debtors, so it is important that it is followed.


Once an invoice has been overdue for the minimum required time it can then be handed over to a debt collection agency in a final attempt to get it settled. It is now up to the debt collection agency to follow up on the debt and organise for its successful resolution.


The debt collection agency can now attempt to get in touch with the debtor via phone and email. If they are unable to contact the debtor, they will then try contacting their family and friends. While the debt collectors are not allowed to pass along any specific information about why they are looking for the debtor, they are allowed to make contact to confirm that they have the correct information on file for the debtor.


On the small chance that they haven’t yet managed to resolve the debt, collectors can then take the next step in the process. They are able to utilise the services of a private investigator to track the debtor down.


The final step is to lodge a claim with the courts. This is provided they have not exceeded the statute of limitations of repayment. This is always a last resort, however, and will only be taken reluctantly if all other methods have been exhausted.


Who can utilise ProfColls services?


With the staggering estimate that 90% of small and medium Australian businesses having unpaid invoices, most businesses will need to consult a debt collection agency during their trading. This is why ProfColl caters to each and every business that needs a bit of a helping hand. Whether large or small, the need for professional third-party debt collection services is more urgent than ever. We understand just how much unpaid invoices can impact small businesses and we’re here to help.


It’s no secret in the business industry that cash-flow is king and can be the difference between success and failure. ProfColl aims to help out anyone who needs it, not just the Fortune 500’s and cashed up multinationals. Whether your business is small, medium or large, don’t let cash-flow problems due to unpaid invoices be a pain-point for your business. Let us handle the unpleasant collections details while you get back to carving out your niche in the market.


Building a business from the ground up is no small accomplishment. In the beginning, every spare cent you have will go to getting your dream off the ground. So, any unpaid invoices that you may have are going to be a huge problem. As we mentioned, cash flow is key! It stands to reason that any cash-flow not going back into your business is going to cause problems.


For every unpaid invoice that remains outstanding, there is a cumulative effect. It may start off small, but it will get progressively worse the longer you let it go and can eventually turn into a devastating problem for your fledgeling business. Don’t let this happen to you. Get in touch with ProfColl and get the collections process started. Let’s get that cash back into your business and continue building your little empire.


ProfColl offers tailored solutions to your debt problems


The debt collection industry is an old one and for the most part, hasn’t evolved with the times. While the old techniques of phone calls and snail mail may have their places, we’ve adopted a much more youthful approach to getting a successful resolution to your files. We’ve established a personalised and assertive service that allows for a high level of success. We’re creative, flexible and tailor ourselves to your needs. This takes our services a step beyond the archaic practices of yesteryear.


Drawing upon our 23-years of extensive experience our dedicated case managers are able to analyse each debt file and determine the best course of action for successful resolution. They also aim to make the entire experience seamless for you. We understand just how frustrating it can be trying to get answers when multiple people are handling your case files. Our case managers take the stress out of this by acting as YOUR case manager from the beginning all the way through to the end.


If you have any questions or queries about your files they’ll be able to answer them for you. They’ll be the expert who knows your files inside and out. They’re here to make the process as smooth as possible for you.


ProfColl also has the abilities to act as an extension of your own account keeping team. This is particularly helpful when you need to maintain a good relationship with your clients, regardless of the bad debt.


It’s become normal to have at least some level of household debt in Australia. That doesn’t mean that you as a business owner should suffer though. We offer flexible, tailored solutions to ensure that a successful solution will see you back on your feet and your business thriving.


A few final thoughts on debt collectors Melbourne


Flexibility in the debt collection business is key. Debt collecting can be a confronting activity for all involved. With this in mind, it is important to offer intuitive, tailored, creative and out of the box solutions that can help ease the pressure of the ever-looming debt cloud. ProfColl offers these services and more.


Are you looking for professional debt collectors Melbourne agency that has extensive experience in the industry? An agency that knows what works? Give ProfColl a try. We know what works and we’re prepared to go that extra mile to get a successful resolution to your files.


Our experience coupled with a guarantee that you won’t pay a cent unless we have a successful resolution to your files makes ProfColl the leader in the debt collection industry. If you need an affordable, creative agency that will take care of you from the get go then ProfColl are the debt collection experts for you.