Leave Debt Collection Agency Melbourne To The Best In The Business


Running a business can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, but also one of the most stressful. Maintaining cash flow and a good relationship with your customer base are key to the success of any business. So, what happens when some of your customers don’t hold up their end of the bargain and withhold money that is rightfully yours? Chasing up payments can be stressful and awkward for both the business owner and the debtor. You may find yourself needing a debt collection agency Melbourne and not know where to start. 


How, then, can you as a business owner, juggle the responsibilities of running a business, maintaining a good relationship with your clientele, and chasing up the cash that belongs to you? Well, at ProfColl, we think we can help with those last two.


We have 23-years experience in helping hard-working Australians recover the debt owed to them. In that time we’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. We pride ourselves on being able to guarantee you a personal and professional experience. An experience that we won’t charge for unless we recover your money. We also understand how to interact with debtors so as to best deliver results. In short, we think we are the best in the business, and we would love to explain why.


Introducing ProfColl; the best in debt collection agency Melbourne.


ProfColl’s beginnings started in a little office in the small, leafy suburb of St. Lucia, Brisbane. 23-years and thousands of successful collections later, we now service the whole of Australia. You can find our offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and of course, Melbourne.


We are constantly looking to grow and help as many Australians as we can. However, we’ll never forget our humble roots. We pride ourselves on fighting just as hard for the little guy, as for the big corporations.


23-years in the game has given us expertise in all manner of debt collection services. Whether you need a hand with insolvency, hardship services, debt collection, legal action or investigations, credit checks, ProfColl is in your corner.


Why is ProfColl the best debt collection service Melbourne?


We’re sure that for whatever reason you need debt collection agency Melbourne, ProfColl is your best option. You can trust in our 23-years of experience. Experience that has taught us how to best listen to our client’s needs, as well as how to deal with debtors so as to retrieve your money while not dragging your company’s name through the mud.


We live in a time where any disgruntled customer with a smartphone can leave a scalding review online. These have the power to ruin a business’ credibility, even if you as a business did nothing wrong. We are truly in an age where the ball is squarely in the consumer’s court. That’s why our first priority is retrieving your debt in a professional, non-aggressive approach that debtors are likely to respond to. We are just as sensitive to maintaining a good relationship with your clients, as we are to the importance of getting back what’s owed to you.


A key component of maintaining this relationship is offering flexible repayment plans to debtors. We know that flexibility increases the chance of debtors paying back their loans with less hassle. Flexible repayment plans also encourages the continuing of a healthy relationship between your business and clients in the long run.  


ProfColl does debt collection better


We’ll also allocate you a dedicated case manager, who will be with you through the whole journey. This way you’ll always talk to someone who knows your files inside and out. They will be up to date on every aspect of your case, and be will be able to answer any and all questions you have. Furthermore, we encourage our expert case managers to be creative when dealing with your debt collection agency Melbourne. Each business is unique, each debtor is different, and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt our approach for each case.


One thing our 23-years in the industry has taught us, it’s that acting quickly can be the difference between failure and success. That’s why we guarantee our clients an extra fast service. We begin acting on your case within one hour of receiving your instructions. Once you get us in your corner, you can be sure we’ll be straight on to finding a successful resolution.


Why is debt collection important?


Debt collection services Melbourne is the process of pursuing unpaid invoices that are owed to yourself or your business. While some companies will have their own internal debt collection service, for the majority of companies, their debt collection needs are outsourced. Specialist debt collectors, like ProfColl, are the most common way for companies to recoup debts owed to them.


The amount of red tape that surrounds debt collection services is considerable. There are laws that regulate what debt collectors are able to do. This legislation may seem overwhelming and confusing to those on the outside, but don’t stress! This legislation protects both the debtor as well as the debt collector and their clients. When you employ ProfColl’s services, you will not have to worry about the in’s and out’s of the debt collecting industry. ProfColl will take care of the whole thing for you. However, we feel it’s always good to give our clients a quick idea of the process.


How does debt collection agency Melbourne work?


If a business has had an overdue invoice for a long enough period of time, they are able to hand the debt over to debt collection services Melbourne, in a final attempt to recoup their losses. Once our clients have handed the debt to ProfColl, we’ll take it from there. It is then up to us as the debt collector to get in contact with the debtor. This is the first step towards the successful recuperation of the debt.


This process will begin with the debt collector trying to get in touch with the debtor. Usually, this is done via phone or email. If this proves unsuccessful, the debt collector will try to get in contact with the debtor’s friends and family. This is done as an attempt to confirm that the details they have for the debtor are correct. This process is entirely legal, provided the debt collector doesn’t reveal any information about the debt, or as to why they are calling their friends and family.


If we are unable to locate the debtor, there is still the option of hiring the services of a private investigator. If this proves unsuccessful as well, there is the final step of lodging a claim with the courts. Keep in mind this is the last resort, and very rare. Our case managers are experts, and will, in the vast majority of circumstances, resolve the situation well before the need to hire a private investigator.

We offer tailor solutions for debt collection agency Melbourne


Many debt collection agency Melbourne services may offer you a cookie-cutter approach to resolving your debt situation. However, at ProfColl, we understand each client’s situation is unique, and we tailor each of our approaches to accommodate for this. This is a key contributor to our continued success in the industry over a long period of time.


Our expert case managers not only draw upon their own experience but the wealth of knowledge our company has accumulated over our 23-years in the industry. Couple this with the best resources available to debt collectors at our fingertips, ProfColl is your best option.

We have a strong commitment to maintaining a healthy and civil relationship with your clients going forward. With this in mind, our intuitive systems in place allow us to act as an extension of your accounts.


We also provide you with a dedicated case manager. They will be your point of call throughout the entire process. From the first day you get in contact with us, to the day where the final dollar of your debt appears in your account, you’ll deal with one person. Having one person look after your case will equip them to know your business and your debt inside and out.


Our debt collection agency Melbourne service is commission only


At ProfColl, we won’t charge you a cent until we successfully resolve your debt problem. We do this for a couple of reasons. The first, obviously, is how confident we are in our ability to reach a successful resolution. And secondly, because we want our service to be available to all businesses, no matter their size. Chances are you don’t have to funds to pay a debt collector up front if you’re a small business who’s already struggling. As we said, we want to help everyone, not just the big business uptown.


We won’t charge our clients a cent if we are unable to resolve their issue. However, we are very confident this won’t happen. After all, we are the number one debt collection service Melbourne.


To be even more inclusive, we don’t charge any joining fees or insist upon lock-in contracts. If you’re already stressed about running your business, being locked into another contract is the last thing you’d want. Once you become one of our clients, you will only need to engage our debt collection agency Melbourne services when you have an unpaid invoice that you need us to follow up on. That’s it! If your business is running smooth, and you’re being paid what you’re owed, you won’t hear from us at all.


If you’re still feeling apprehensive, we offer a 100% free, no obligation feasibility study. So if you’re not convinced your debts can be successfully retrieved, give us a call. Our experts will conduct a study to check the viability of your debt being recovered. Once we’ve shown you the results of the feasibility study, it’s completely up to you whether to move on with our services or not.


Is my debt too old to use debt collection agency Melbourne?


As you’re reading this, you may start remembering old debts. These may have happened so long ago that you’ve deemed them as lost and buried them deep in the “too hard” basket. If you’re wondering if you’re still able to employ debt collection services Melbourne to chase these old debts up, the answer is probably yes.


That ‘probably’ is in there because, as we said at the start, there are a myriad of debt collection guidelines that determine what debt can and cannot be pursued. The legislation that governs how long you have to pursue bad debt varies slightly from state to state. Generally, you have up to 6-years to pursue bad debt.


This 6-year timeframe begins when either the date of the right of action occurred, or the date that the debtor last acknowledged the debt. This acknowledgement of debt can either be the making of a payment by the debtor, or by the debtor stating that the debt is theirs.


For example, if you’re thinking of chasing up an open debt file that a debtor last made a payment on 5-years ago, you only have 1-year to pursue the debt before it becomes barred by legislation.


Keep in mind if you are in the Northern Territory, the time frame is only 3-years from the last acknowledgement of debt.


If you’re thinking of chasing up debt that is outside these periods, unfortunately by law, the debtor has no legal obligation to pay these debts. As a rule, the quicker you get on to pursuing your debts, the quicker we have to work our magic. If you have any questions regarding the possibility of chasing up your old debt, don’t hesitate to email us on info@profcoll.com.au, or call us on 1300 799 067.


Ready for ProfColl to get back what’s yours?


Our 23-years in the industry means a few things. It means experience in dealing with debtors that don’t want to play ball. It means experience in providing the best possible service to our clients. And it means knowing the debt collection industry inside and out.


We are experts in debt collection agency Melbourne, ready to fight for you, whether you’re a one-man contractor, or a company employing thousands of people. Whoever you are, we’re in your corner