ProfColl: The Debt Collection Agency You Need On Your Side

At ProfColl, we understand just how stressful handling bad debt can be. As a business owner, you already have so many things to think about. Adding a debt collector into the mix sounds like a lot of hard work. However, we’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be that hard. As the number 1 debt collection agency in Australia, with 23 years experience under our belt, we’re here to make the process smoother for you.

At ProfColl, we pride ourselves on our debt collection services. We go above and beyond to tailor a solution to your circumstances. This ensures that all your needs are met in a professional, timely matter. If this sounds like the solution that you’re looking for, take a look at why ProfColl is the best debt collection agency around.

A little bit about ProfColl


ProfColl is a professional debt collection agency with 23 years of experience helping everyday Australians recover their bad debt. Our extensive experience in debt collection has allowed us to help thousands of Australian businesses successfully recover their bad debts.


With offices located all around Australia, including Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, we’re able to cater to all of your debt collection needs. So, whether you’re looking for a debt collectors Sydney, debt collectors Melbourne or even debt collection Brisbane, we can help.

We’re experts at numerous aspects of debt collection including investigations, insolvency experts, legal action, hardship services and debt collection itself! In fact, we’re so confident in our abilities that we don’t charge you a fee unless there is a successful resolution to your file.

What makes ProfColl the best?


ProfColl is the best debt collection agency in Australia for a few reasons. We know how important it is to continue a good relationship with your clients. This is why we have perfected an assertive approach over an aggressive approach. Our choice of an assertive yet professional approach allows for the highest chance of debt recovery. We know what works best and we’re experts at it.   

With our extensive 23 years of experience in the industry, we’ve perfected our services. Our dedicated case managers and experts regularly take a creative approach and think outside of the box when they encounter those tricky debt files. Therefore, we can ensure the highest chance of successfully recovering your hard-earned money.

Were also act quickly. We’ll begin acting on your debt files within 1-hour of receiving files and instructions from you. With this extra fast service, you’ll be well on your way to a successful resolution of your accounts.

We believe that greater flexibility allows for a greater chance of having those debt files resolved. With this in mind, we provide some different payment options to your debtors. This allows for a greater chance of a resolution to your files by making repaying their debts much easier to debtors. 

What is debt collection and how does it work?

The first steps in the process


Debt collection is the process of pursuing overdue payments owed to you by your clients. Usually, a business will hire a debt collection agency to follow up on these overdue debt files. The goal is to attempt to get the owed money returned. Occasionally larger companies will have in-house debt collection specialists who will attempt to get the owed money returned. It is more common, however, to outsource to a debt collection agency.

There is a lot of legislation surrounding what a debt collector can and cannot do. This means that debt collecting is a very specific process. Providing that an account has been overdue for long enough, businesses can hand them over to a professional debt collection agency in an attempt to get them settled. Once the files have been handed over to the specialists, it is then up to the debt collection agency to get in touch with the debtor and attempt to get the files repaid.

At this point, debt collectors are allowed to make email and phone contact with the debtor to resolves the account. Debt collectors will attempt to get in contact with friends and family if they’re unable to make direct contact. Provided that they do not pass on any information about the debt, or specific details as to why they’re calling the family or friends, this is entirely legal.

The final steps in the process


If these steps do not lead to a successful resolution, the debt collection agency may then take the next step. They can choose to utilise the services of a private investigator to track the debtor down. This allows the confirmation that the details they have for the debtor are correct in their attempt to make contact. If the debt collectors are still unable to gain a successful resolution, they may lodge a claim with the courts. This is always a last resort and will only be taken reluctantly if all other avenues have been exhausted.

Solutions tailored to your business


We think that offering tailored solutions are the key to success. To achieve this, we go above and beyond to offer an individualised approach. We understand that the same approach is not going to be acceptable for every case. Utilising our 23 years experience our specialist case managers analyse each file to determine the best approach for success. We have the resources to adapt to different scenarios and the skills and experience to attain that successful resolution.

We’re aware of the fact that in many cases, you may need to maintain a good relationship with your clients. With this in mind, we have systems in place to ensure that we act as an extension of your account keeping processes. This helps to maintain a good relationship and reputation with your clients, now and in the future.

This flexibility to judge your debt files on a case by case basis allows for the most significant chance of success. We’re firm believers that not every file is going to be the same, so we utilise a unique approach for each file.

We understand just how frustrating and stressful it can be dealing with multiple people. This is why we allocate a dedicated case manager to you for all your debt files and debt collection services. Rather than dealing with multiple people, you’ll have a single expert who will understand every aspect of your accounts.

Your case manager will be up to date on everything from the names of your debtors and references, amounts owing, amounts recovered, costs incurred, to the status of all your accounts. By having one person up to date on all of your files, you can be assured that should you have any questions they’ll have the answer.

We work on a commission only basis.


ProfColl does not charge any lock-in contracts or joining fees. We do this so that we can cater to all manner of Australian businesses, big or small. In times of stress when cash flow is becoming a problem due to outstanding contracts and debt files, we know how much keeping that extra stress at bay will help. With no lock-in contracts or fees, you can trust that you will only need to engage our services if you have unpaid invoices that you need us to follow up on. This flexibility is part of what makes ProfColl great.

We’re also a commission based debt collection agency. This means that if we don’t get a successful resolution to your debt files, then we won’t charge you. It’s as simple as that. On the small chance that we are not able to track down a debtor or they refuse to pay their debts, you won’t be charged. With our no joining fees or lock-in contracts, you can trust that you are getting the best service available. We’re that confident in our abilities.

To provide you with that extra peace of mind, we also offer a completely free, no-obligations feasibility study. If you’re unsure of whether your files have a chance of being successfully resolved, contact us. We can undertake this feasibility study before you decide whether you would like to move forward with collections. This study indicates the commercial viability of your debt files and helps immensely in your decision to pursue collections action.

Who uses a debt collection agency?


Most Australian businesses will use the services of a debt collection agency.

The reality is that most businesses, whether they’re large or small, will need collections specialists at some point in their trading. This is why ProfColl caters to all types of business, big or small. We also understand that for many businesses, especially smaller ones, the continuation of client relationships is essential. This makes it imperative to have a professional yet sensitive debt collection agency on hand who knows how to help maintain these relationships while resolving your debt files.

How long can you legally pursue bad debt?


There is a lot of legislation in Australia that governs how long you can pursue bad debt.

In Australia, the length of time that you have to pursue bad debt will vary by state. Generally, you have up to 6-years to pursue the bad debt; this time-frame starts from the date the right of action occurred or the date that the debtor last acknowledged the debt. This acknowledgement can include stating that the debt is theirs or also the making of a payment.

So, for example, if you’re attempting to chase up on an open debt file that a debtor last made a payment made on 2-years ago, you have another 4 years to pursue it before the debt becomes statute-barred by law.


This time-frame varies in the Northern Territory. The statute of limitation is 3-years from the time of the last acknowledgement.


Once these periods end the right to pursue repayment or court action has expired, and the debtor legally does not have to repay the debt. So, it is clear that the earlier you follow up on the unpaid debt, the better chance you have at getting a successful resolution. The sooner you act, the better.

Our debt collectors can help out all manner of businesses


We’re not just a debt collection agency for the big businesses. We’re also here to help out the little guys. We have processes in place to help all manner of businesses get those overdue invoices paid. We understand that occasionally even the smaller businesses need a helping hand to get those stubborn invoices settled. Take a small trades or start-up business for example.

Having only a few unpaid invoices may not seem like a huge deal to the larger businesses out there. However, for someone running a much smaller operation, cash flow is important. Every single dollar counts and a few unpaid invoices may be the difference between continuing to operate or not.

For every invoice that goes unpaid, there is a cumulative effect that can eventually turn a small problem into a huge one. For every file that remains outstanding, the business owner is losing valuable, hard-earned income that really could be the difference in success. This is going to have an extreme effect on such a small business. We’re firm believers that every single business, no matter their size, should have access to a reliable debt collection agency to get those stubborn invoices sorted.

So, why should you choose ProfColl as your debt collection agency?


With 23-years experience behind us, we’re experts in the debt collection business. We know what works and we go above and beyond with our intuitive approach to getting your debt files successfully resolved. Utilising an assertive yet professional approach, we always go that extra step to ensure the successful resolution to your files. With our belief that all businesses should have a chance at professional debt collecting, we’re the right choice to get your hard-earned money back where it belongs.