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Additional Services

Full service solution to your collection needs

Other Services We Provide

In addition to debt recovery, Professional Collection Services provides the following services to companies and individuals facing difficult times:


Insolvency Experts

If your company is unable to pay bills as and when they are due, then it is regrettably deemed insolvent.

PCS maintains a strong relationship with a number of professionals who are able to assist you through the legalities and formalities of this difficult occurrence.

Please contact us to discuss your situation further so that we can connect you with the most appropriate connections.


Turnaround & Refinance specialists

If your company has fallen on hard times and you are finding yourself treading water, then perhaps a refinance or turnaround specialist can assist.

What is Corporate Refinancing?

The process through which a company reorganises its debt obligations by replacing or restructuring existing debts. Refinancing may also involve issuing equity to pay off a percentage of debt.

What is a Turnaround Specialist?

A turnaround specialist is someone who assists a company by either consulting on a short-term-project basis or by acting as an interim chief executive who replaces the current CEO while a company reorganises.

If you feel like this may apply to you, please contact us to discuss your situation further so that we can connect you with the most appropriate organisation.


Hardship Services

Are you struggling to maintain repayments on top of your usual household expenses? 

We can put you in touch with a financial counsellor, discuss hardship variations, or in certain circumstances, direct you to a debt agreement or bankruptcy practitioner.

Please contact us to discuss your situation if you are having troubles maintaining or making payments. By making us aware of your current financial position, we will be in a better position to work with you to create a sustainable solution.

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